Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Transit

So 11:00pm the night before the Transit van project is due and yay its finished. Not sure that should be a yay as much as it should be a 'phew'. When I last blog the model was complete and I just had the dreading unwrapping and texturing to go. Unwrapping has by far been the longest part about making things in 3D, so that's what I expected again, not so. I found unwrapping delightfully quick and easy, with the van being a slightly more complex box it wasn't too hard. I did however, drastically underestimate the amount of time the texture would take to create.

External texture sheet

Texturing thus far hasn't really taken that long but the Transit van took soooooo damn long. The first problem I had was my own fault, rubbish reference photos for textures. I had to spend alot of time altering images to make them use able and more accurate. I also had to go out and find another Transit to take more images and use what ever else I could find to get it done.

I found I became very attentive to details and tried to line everything up, often having to alter the model itself and the UV unwrap to do so, constantly altered bits of everything trying to get it right. This took alot longer than anything else I've done, despite it being a complex box -.-"
I did however get it finished, as was the point of this blog to show the finished product off.

So a final note and what have I learnt from the product?
Well not much. Due to poor time management (damn you Xmas for making me lazy ( yes I'm still blaming it)), I just didn't do as much with the van as I would of liked. I could of put alot more detail into it, done more than one texture or do more than one van. It really didn't take 4 weeks to make, but it took me 3 to get my head out my ass and just do it. So what have I learnt? Do the damn project, you'll probably learn more!

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