Sunday, 15 April 2012

More of the slum environment...

I found it difficult to imagine and think of the slum environment working digitally so I decided to have a go sketching some out instead.

It was hard to begin with but I started to get into the swing of it and think I managed to produce some interesting thumbnails that could be developed further.

After doing a series of thumbnails I starting using inks to bring some colour into the sketches to bring in some colour palette ideas.

Despite enjoying the process of making thumbnails I've become somewhat uncommitted and bored of the slums idea. ¬.¬ *sigh*

I do have some other ideas that I think are most interesting (and amusing) such as a game that involves the player being a rat and chewing its way through a house/garden sort of environment. It would be a side scrolly game that involved simple colourful drawings and a cute rat. I have become more interested in this than the idea of a 'next gen slum' scene.

I however have to much work to get done before the end of the holidays to commit any time to this idea unless I get everything else finished.

*rushes about to get things done*

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