Sunday, 15 April 2012

Interesting Character

Bit overdue but I wanted to do a brief blog on my interesting character project.

Given the project was meant to start with an interesting character that we found in real life I didn't really know how to begin. It might just be my opinion but I don't personally think there are that many interesting people around Leicester, so I wasn't holding out much hope for the project.

Not looking forward to the prospect of scouring Leicester for someone that even remotely interested me I decided to carry on with another project and went to draw the Guildhall. It was here I actually hit a stroke of luck and not one interesting person turned up but a whole family of interesting people!
Yes there was a mum, dad and 2 young girls that I personally found very interesting and appealed to me. They very kindly allowed me to take some photographs of them and do some quick sketches of them as they continued to explore the Guildhall.

From this starting point I explored within the project and expanded with styles that I thought was fitting and interesting.

I made some mood boards from collected images and from here made some basic silhouette ideas. I found it difficult to find a silhouette that I liked so I decided to make my own. Using some basic clothes that gave a good shape I got Luke to photograph me in various poses, I then used these images to block out over 35 silhouettes.

Some of my silhouettes

From these I was able to pick my favourite 3 that I thought gave an interesting and strong silhouette. Over these silhouettes I developed a variety of clothes. I spent quite a while mix and matching all the various ideas I had come up with until I found the combination I liked the most.

Clothing designs.

The next step of my development was to start experimenting with some colour, I decided to do this traditionally using inks rather than digitally.

When I was happy with a colour theme I produced a traditional final piece of my character before then doing a digi paint aswell.

With my character designed I then thought about putting her into an environment. In keeping with theme I decided to put her in a Steampunk themed bar based around the existing 'Edison Bar' in America.

Final character

Final character in scene.

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