Saturday, 24 March 2012

Environment Project - Slum

After gathering more reference images I've grown to like the idea of a slum environment more. I know its been done before in things such as District 9, Call of duty and probably others, so it still isn't very original. Despite it being done before, the concept of a slum scene being well done in other games or films isn't the reason I thought it would be a good idea, unlike most of my other ideas.

I was drawn to the idea of a slum environment because I think its really interesting. Slums are colourful, chaotic, crowded, run down and messy and interesting to look at!
I thought it would make an interesting game environment if the slums were abandoned for all but a few people, giving you the chance to explore around this mass of shambled together homes. Scavenged materials and items litter the homes and streets with rubbish everywhere, creating a very busy run down look.
Wandering around you see clothes are still hung out to dry, meagre food supplies still in pots and yet the 1000s of people that inhabit the slum have completely disappeared. What happened? Where could so many people of gone?
The shocking conditions of the cramp slums aren't any indication as to what might have happened but show the way all these people lived.

I thought this had the potential to create an immersive environment that was quite creepy as it feels like it should be bustling with people yet it remains empty, all the shacks and clutter would also make an interesting environment to explore.

Seeing as I haven't done much visual design work for a while getting into the design and drawing of the environment is going to be difficult. So I start small scale and try digi paint some ideas for shacks to get me going.

Its abit of a mixed result but at least its going somewhere. Next I'll do some quick thumbnails of environments.

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