Thursday, 8 March 2012

Guild Hall

Bit far down the line to be doing a blog on the Guild hall project, but I just kinda forgot about doing it.

So the most important thing about the Guild Hall in's cold, so cold. This impacted my ability to sit about drawing but I gave it a decent go.
I hadn't really drawn much for a while so going into the guild hall was daunting to say the least. I'm not great at drawing interiors as it is and the guild hall's unevenness and amount of detail made it even harder. Needless to say I got pretty frustrated with it all and drawing didn't go so well.

To try break it up abit and give me some more chances to not suck I tried using a few different mediums. The results were varied but enjoyable and I got the chance to use something different.


The best result I got from the guild hall project was a digi paint. Following what I did previously I wanted to do a mix of traditional thumbnails and digital, so I spent a day on the Cintiqs in uni having a bash at some digi thumbnails of the guild hall. It went surprisingly well and the first thumbnail I started doing turned out so well I up-scaled it, spent more time on it and got a decent final image out of it. Out of all the photos I took at the guildhall something about this one stood out to me and I really liked the composition and lighting in it. I think this is the first digi paint I've done that is any good and I'd like to practise more at it.

Guild hall digi final.

Despite the digi paint being alright I would, however like to do another final when I get more time using a traditional medium as I don't want to rely on digi paints to get my work done.

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