Thursday, 8 March 2012

Masses and masses of Posemaniacs.

Recently I've been doing masses of figure drawing from the website
I've been doing it any time I get chance, like while waiting for 3D to start on Monday morning or while I'm sitting on the sofa too tired to do any real work.

I was put off by the way the models you draw look to begin with but started to enjoy it and practising from it quite relaxing. I think the process has helped me alot to learn the shape and scaling of both the male and female form. I have become much more confident from doing it as well, to begin with I would only draw the poses I wanted to, ignoring more complex or awkward angles but as I've improved I've started to attempt every pose that comes up.

I've even gone as far as getting the app on my iphone so while I'm out and about I can be scribbling some posemaniacs down rather than sitting around doing nothing.

I think my life drawing benefited from doing all the posemaniacs, I felt like I knew how to approach drawing the figure better, and how to get the proportions right.

Recent life drawing.

Update: Recently I haven't been doing as much posemanaics or drawing in general, jumping back into trying to do posemaniacs has been difficult and annoying. Looking back at my early drawings I think my current ones are better in a way, but I'm still unhappy with them. I also found life drawing for the last 2 weeks incredibly difficult and frustrating, the current lack of drawing has made me feel really rubbish at it all over again.

Unfortunately I don't have 24 hour access to a life model I can practise drawing but I do at least still have posemaniacs so I'm going to try get back into drawing from it. I also want to start drawing from photos of really life models more.

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