Saturday, 10 December 2011

3D - Trees and an evil bunny

I put off 3D again *sad face*. So I have been working on it for the last few days solid, the way I work best!
The fruit of my efforts has been 4 trees and an evil looking bunny.

The tree project brief only required 2 trees, but I'd given myself several days to do it, expecting some problems only to find it was relatively easy compared to the house. So I did 4, pretty quickly I might add.

Which left me with enough time to have a bash at the Guru project. I was rather disappointed with myself in regards to the guru project. I haven't been engaging in it well and ignoring it somewhat. I was pleased I got to have a go at it, but found it difficult. All projects to date have used textures that you 'plaster on', coming up with your own model meant I couldn't do that, so texturing became alot harder. I did what I could and this is the result of 1 days brain waving in 3D. I know 1 day isnt alot, but I didn't rush it I had several days to do it, that's just all it took. It could be improved but the texturing was annoying me ¬.¬

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