Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Moving forward.

So we had another review just 2 short weeks after our first. The first assessment was somewhat of a shock to everyone but highlighted just what was going wrong. Over the last two weeks I feel I've made some positive changes and altered the mindset I approach work in. Not calling it work is a good start. 'Work' immediately implies its something you don't want to do, its effort and hard, its work. I don't want to see the course this way because it wont be as enjoyable and I'm therefore less likely to do my best at it. I want to enjoy the course and do well and I think that's what I'm doing.

I've spent the last two weeks drawing mostly, visual design is my weakest area and that's been highlighted in my assessment. I think I've improved since the beginning of the course but I still have a way to go. I've been doing still life sessions most days, doing a series of quick 1 to 5 minute sketches followed by a single longer piece. I've also spent several days at the space centre, our drawing assignment for the week. I wasn't really sure what to draw and starting looking to other things that caught my interest to sketch, like the people around and the cafe or gift shop. I have improved my mark to adequate for visual design, which I'm pleased about but I know I need to spend more time practising to get that up further.

I was really pleased with my mark for 3D. I put alot of effort into my building project and think I did well at it. There are still areas I could improve and should of. Although the project has been marked I'd like to add more to the model during the Christmas break to make it more interesting. I will also have the freedom to add as much detail as I like because I won't have to worry about the tri limit and I can try some other features/methods out. I think 3D is probably my strongest area at the moment and I think with more practice and understanding I could get really good at it. Just need to stick with it and do more things with it, even if they aren't part of any projects!

I'm also pleased with my critical studies mark. I've been doing more blogs and enjoying them but I know I could still do more. I'm going to try not forget to write about stuff and keep things flowing and up to date and I'll hopefully keep the marks going up to.

So the x-mas break is coming up soon. Alot of people are going to be looking forward to going home and having fun. Although I will be going home for X-mas day and boxing day I'm still going to be working. I'm not really considering the holiday time as a break but just time we aren't in University. I'm still going to keep up drawing, 3D and blogs. I find it difficult to not do stuff when I know I probably should be and I'm not a fan of Christmas anyway! So hopefully I'll use the time well and improve as much as possible. There is alot of things I want to get done over the break including revisiting alot of the 2D from the first 6 weeks and improving on them. Maybe play some games as well! :D

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