Monday, 16 January 2012

Allocating my time correctly

After reading Andrew Loomis' book I was inspired to really put some time and effort into figure drawing and getting to grips with it. However it did become apparent through reading that it isn't going to be quick or easy. His book is directed at artists who want to draw the figure for a lively hood. In modern day it is unusual for artists to only do one specific thing but have a more varied set of skills, but there are several people I know who know they want to be character artists. So understanding the figure will be of great importance to them and their futures. Me however, I'm not sure what I want to do in the future. Nor do I want to pick something and neglect other areas I could be improving. So it makes me wonder, how should I be allocating my time?

The areas we are working in, Game production in 3D Studio Max and the variety of subjects we cover in Visual Design is quite alot to try and master all at once (not to mention the realms of digital artwork like digipaint). I already struggle with breaking everything up and working on several things at once. I tend to avoid 3D and focus solely on getting my 2D work done if we've recently started a new topic or if I'm struggling with something. I do the same once I get into 3D work however and tend to spend days on end doing nothing but game production work. It takes quite alot of time to get from starting the 3D model to texturing and finalising your work. I don't feel I can jump between the subjects easily.

I don't want to pick one and neglect the other but I feel like I might have to in order to really get proficient at one or the other, but that is almost deciding what I want to do as a career right now. I feel in order to really improve at drawing and spending the time needed to understand, I'm going to have to put alot less time into my Game Production work, but I think thats where my strengths lies. I don't want to put less effort into drawing as I enjoy seeing my work getting better but think true self application to 3D will require it.

I would rather be fantastic at one thing than 'OK' at everything but is that the wrong approach? Looking throughout 3rd and 2nd year work you can generally see their tendencies to be much better at one subject or the other. I think I am at the cusp of deciding what I will be good at 2 years down the line but I can't decide where to allocate and apply myself. I could try and become fantastic at everything and put in alot more time and effort into all the work I do, that would be ideal and what I aspire to, but is that too optimistic? Would I just become mediocre at everything if I try spread myself too much? Would I become to pressured by trying to succeed and become too tired and overworked, ultimately ending in a more negative outcome?

I just don't know at it is stressing me out right now. With a new desire to practise drawing thanks to Andew Loomis, stronger than I've ever had before, I am already neglecting the current 3D project which is already on its 2nd week of a 4 week project. If I neglect my current passion to draw to get 3D done I might not have such a desire again. On the flip, indulging my drawing could lead to a rushed and worse off 3D project.

Maybe I'm just over thinking it and spending too much time writing blogs about doing work and not doing it!
Might have a nap.

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