Sunday, 1 January 2012

Finding help understanding cars!

Over the Xmas break I've been working on improving my drawings from the first semester. I was happy with alot of my progression at the time, but looking back thought I was capable of better now. So I've focused on improving my drawing techniques as well and doing more digipaints.

I think I struggled most with cars when we did them and wasn't happy with my thumbnails or final. It was something I knew I wanted to go back and rework but wasn't really looking forward to it. I think I struggled so much because I saw cars as quite a complex object and I couldn't understand how to break them down and draw them.

While looking for reference I came across this website - As the name suggests its a website of technical illustrations and they are stunning. I know my last blog was about 'not looking at other people's artwork' but I found Beau Daniels and Alan Daniels way of drawing cars really helped me to get to grips with it. They seem to have such a simple way of drawing the curves and shapes of cars and it helped me to understand and break down what I was looking at and how a cars shape comes together.

Beau Daniels and Alan Daniels

Beau Daniels and Alan Daniels
Add captionBeau Daniels and Alan Daniels

Beau Daniels and Alan Daniels

I didn't want to copy their fantastic drawings so I stayed clear of Land rovers, but tried to implement this way of drawing to other cars. The result was great!

I'm still a long way off being very good at drawing cars but I think what I was able to do the second time round was miles better than my attempts a few weeks back. I'm really pleased I took the time to redo the subject I think I'm much better off for it.

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